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LeadLift uses a variety of highly responsive sources to get exclusive leads in YOUR area calling you, ready to take action NOW!

We own and build websites with top search rankings in your local niche to capture, hot, eager leads ready to do business with you. We utilize a variety of other lead strategies including Facebook Ads, Text Ads, Voice Drops, Press Releases and YouTube to assure you have access to additional lead sources to keep your marketing funnel's full.

Top Rankings

High rankings assure the most interested prospects see our websites first and send you the best, most responsive leads.


No Hassles 

We do all the work for you so you can focus on closing sales and running your business. LeadsLift tailors lead campaigns to YOUR needs.

Lead Tracking

LeadsLift gives you a proprietary dashboard to monitor calls, track leads, as see the success of your lead campaigns. Monitoring leads helps increase sales closing ratios.

Leads are fundamental to your business success. At LeadsLift, we build sites that rank at the top of the search engines for YOUR key services in YOUR local area. Unlike many other marketing companies, we only provide exclusive leads. We get your phones ringing with warm prospects ready to take action now!

  • Three initial packages 
  • Packages can be tailored 
  • No long-term contracts, month-to-month
  • Multiple lead sources 

In addition to leads from our top-ranking sites, we also generate leads from other sources to either increase lead volume, lead speed, or both. By using a variety of lead sources, we may also give you access to different segments of your customer community with the opportunity to find the highest converting leads. Our other lead sources include:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Press Releases Listings
  • Ringless Voice Mail
  • Text 
  • YouTube

Lead Targeting & Qualification

One of the most important aspects of our high ranking sites is the target keywords. Let our team determine the best strategy to assure we have the most QUALIFIED leads calling and ready to take action.

Teal-Time Call Tracking

We provide a comprehensive call tracking system to monitor lead response, assess lead quality, and monitor sales performance. Our call tracking dashboard provides easy access to all call data and ability to track lead response in real-time.



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